Approval Flows.

Enhance your treasury management with ZenTreasury's Approval Flow Module, a sophisticated solution designed to streamline approval processes and improve decision-making efficiency.

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Task Management Features

Task Details and Approval Processes

Urgency, Task Code, and Name.
Prioritize tasks effectively with clear identifiers and urgency levels.
Start Date, Target Date, and Close Date.
Ensure timely execution and closure with structured timelines.
Entity, Task Manager, and Bank.
Assign specific roles and responsibilities for clear accountability.
Folder and Description.
Organize tasks in designated folders with detailed descriptions for easy navigation.
Integration with Approval Flows.
Tasks can be aligned with both manually triggered and automatic approval flows, based on predefined parameters, offering flexibility in process management.
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Enhanced Approval Flow Management

Tailoring Your Approval Processes with Precision and Flexibility

Scope and Configuration.
Define the scope, including the name and associated module. Choose between creating new approvals or updating existing ones. If updating, select specific fields in the database for precise control.
Advanced Filtering Options.
Tailor your approval flows with detailed filtering options such as entity, amount, or transaction type. This allows for a high level of customization, ensuring that flows are triggered by the most relevant criteria.
User Selection.
Choose participants for each approval flow with ease. Our system supports the inclusion of various roles, enhancing the flow's efficiency and ensuring that the right people are involved at every step.
Approval Sequence Customization.
Determine the order of approvals with a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface. This feature not only allows you to set the sequence but also to define the specific rights for each user, including approver, signatory, rejecter, or notifier roles.
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