• ZenTreasury is an 100% SaaS provider and we offer a multi-tenant, multi-database and single-version Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application that is hosted on Google Cloud.

SaaS Is not ASP/Hosted software

In treasury and financial accounting, many software providers claim they are SaaS but only exhibit certain characteristics of a SaaS solution, such as selling on a subscription basis or offering software hosting on their servers as an alternative on your servers. In order to access the software on ASP or Hosted software the user must use a client portal such as Citrix. These vendors who still offer ASP or Hosted software talk about their software as if they are SaaS, hoping to confuse the customers and prey on those not otherwise knowing the difference.

Benefits of SaaS

SaaS has many advantages, but in our opinion the top five advantages are as follows:

Reduced time to benefit

Instead of traditional 6-12 months implementation projects our users environments are automatically provisioned and can be accessed in a couple of hours.

Cost certainty

SaaS model offers cost certainty compared to ASP/Hosted software as the SaaS subscription include all the upgrades, monitoring and technical support for interrupt use for years to come.


Our cloud environment is scalable and the customer doesn’t need to buy new servers or software as their usage grows. We will scale with our customers by adding new capabilities when they need them.

New releases (Upgrades)

All our users are on the latest version, because upgrades happen automatically for all users at the same time. Our customer doesn’t need to buy an upgrade and install it, or pay a fee to get their environment upgraded.


Financial data is among a company’s most sensitive data, so security is a critical consideration. ZenTreasury comes with features such as data encryption, two-factor authentication, full audit trail and user segregation. In addition we together with our customers IT departments continuously monitor and scrutinise the security of our SaaS solution. Automatic upgrades continuously improve security levels.