Get IFRS 16 compliant

Streamline, simplify and automate your lease operations. ZenTreasury Lease Accounting Software gives you an all-in one accounting and portfolio solution to help you achieve IFRS 16 compliance.

All-in-one accounting & portfolio solution

Lease instrument view

In the instrument view you have basically everything in one place. Here you can define your lease’s portfolios, cost centers, start and end dates, purchase option prices etc. You can also add additional info into your instrument, add documents or see your lease instrument’s audit trail, all in one place.

Product screenshot

Lease Accounting Software

Changes during lease term

The system can handle any changes during your lease term. So, price, term and scope adjustments are easily managed in the same view. The amended lease flow will be immediately available, in the same window, as soon as the lease changes are confirmed.

Product screenshot