ZenTreasury Lease Management System

Get IFRS 16 compliant

Streamline, simplify, and automate your lease operations. ZenTreasury LMS gives you an all-in one accounting and portfolio solution to help you achieve IFRS 16 compliance.

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ZenTreasury Lease Management System

Manage all your leases in one place, in one simple register. With ZenTreasury you can manage your lease portfolio with ease and at the same time create all the needed accounting entries that IFRS 16 requires you to do.

Our solution is by far the easiest, most powerful and yet very affordable.

  • Easy and powerful solution to give you all that the IFRS 16 standard requires

  • Simple and powerful dashboard to show you the big picture

  • All lease details within one view

  • Simple reports to help you create all the needed notes for your financial reporting

  • Alerts of maturing leases delivered straight to your email

Validated IFRS 16 calculations

ZenTreasury IFRS 16 calculations have been validated by an international audit firm. The following items where confirmed to be in accordance with IFRS 16;

  • valuation of the asset and the liability at initial recognition and the yearly bookings are calculated correctly

  • different size additional payments in the beginning and in the end of the leasing period

  • different payment intervals (monthly and quarterly payments)

  • prolonging of the original term

  • increase or decrease in scope

  • shortening of the term

  • termination of the lease before the original termination date

  • presentation of short term and long term liability at the end of the period

  • contracts in other currency (change in exchange rate)

  • interest calculation when payments are paid quarterly

  • depreciations

All-in-one accounting & portfolio solution

Portfolio Management

With ZenTreasury Leasing (IFRS 16) module you are able to handle all lease and rent agreements that need to be treated as liability and right-of-use asset according to IFRS 16 standard.

  • Features
    • For Equipment Leases
    • For Real Estate
    • Searchable Lease Register

Accounting Solution

With ZenTreasury you can compute all the changes during the lease term and have the possible P&L effects with an ease. You are also able to create all the needed reports to adjust your financial statement. The accounting can be done as easily as just through three simple reports; lease changes, lease payments and month-end. All these reports can easily be exported to a spreadsheet or you can of have the accounting entries via interface into your accounting system.

  • Features
    • Accrued Interest
    • Report for Lease Changes
    • Report for Lease Payments
    • Maturity analysis in accordance with paragraph 39 and B11 of IFRS 7
    • Month-end Report
    • Accounting Interfaces

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Company register

(shared with all ZenTreasury modules)

ZenTreasury comes with an inbuilt company register. Here you can define your default lease discount rate (can also be done in the lease instrument view). You can also add additional information regarding your companies, agreements, document, currency, limits and see your company audit trail, all at one view.

  • Features
    • Company information
    • Default discount rate

Lease instrument view

In the instrument view you have basically everything in one view. Here you can define your leases portfolios, cost centers, start and end dates, purchase option prices etc. etc. You can also add additional info into your instrument, add document or see your lease instruments audit trail, all at one view.

  • Features
    • Amortization Schedule
    • Attachments
    • Critical Date Alerts
    • Cost centers
    • Currencies
    • Discount rate
    • Lease types
    • Payment schedule
    • Portfolios

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Changes during lease term

The system can handle all changes during your lease term. So price, term and scope adjustments are easily done in the same view. After the change your new lease flows are straight away visible in the lease flow window on the same view.

  • Features
    • Price changes
    • Term changes
    • Scope adjustments

Audit trail

With ZenTreasury the audit process is more fluid than in a manual environment. Audit trail tracks any changes to transaction with time, date and user stamp for any changes. You'll be able to show your auditors all the changes to your leases during their life cycle.

  • Features
    • All changes
    • Human readable format
    • Timestamps
Project Image

Project Image
Multi-user environment & Segregation of Duties

Segregation of duties is one of the most important system controls. This is an essential tool in mitigating the risk of error or fraud. In ZenTreasury segregating duties between users is simple and as the administrator you can change them as you wish and create new roles with custom rights if needed.

  • Features
    • Segregation of Duties
    • User roles
    • Role permissions

Functional Capabilities

The module benefits from the inbuilt multi-currency support. You can easily manage leases in other currencies.

Calculate the accrued interest for all types of payment schedules.

The Leasing (IFRS 16) Module holds data to allow time to audit, monitor, manage, and analyze it.

The Leasing (IFRS 16) Module comes with report for accounting of lease liabilities and right-of-use assets, and the effects caused by changes in the IFRS 16 specifications.

Manage easily all changes during the lease term.

Simply generate payment schedules for your payments.

Segregation of duties is one of the most important treasury controls. This is an essential tool in mitigating the risk of error or fraud. In ZenTreasury you can assign duties to fully meet your company’s requirements.

Founded in 2016, ZenTreasury Ltd is a FinTech and SaaS company located in Espoo, Finland. We provide a lightweight finance platform for treasury and lease management.

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