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Improve treasury operations’ efficiency

Streamline, simplify, and automate your treasury operations. ZenTreasury gives you realized and unrealized reports, automated notifications, and amazing intelligence all in one place.

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Foreign Exchange
Foreign Exchange

Manage your Foreign Exchange instruments throughout their entire life cycle.

  • Features
    • Spots, Forwards & Swaps
    • Attachments
    • Easy and powerful register
    • Accounting entries for every transaction
    • Currency rates

Company register

ZenTreasury comes with an inbuilt company register. Here you can define your company hierarchy. You can also add additional information regarding your companies, agreements, document, currency, limits and see your company audit trail, all in one place.

  • Features
    • Company information
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Project Image
Audit trail

With ZenTreasury the audit process is more fluid than in a manual environment. Audit trail tracks all changes to transactions by time, date and user stamp. You'll be able to show your auditors all the changes to your transactions during their life cycle.

  • Features
    • All changes
    • Human readable format
    • Timestamps

Multi-user environment & Segregation of Duties

Segregation of duties is one of the most important system controls. This is an essential tool in mitigating the risk of error or fraud. In ZenTreasury, segregating duties between users is simple, and as the administrator you have full control to amend and create new roles with custom rights if needed.

  • Features
    • Segregation of Duties
    • User roles
    • Role permissions
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Automated currency exchange rate import

ZenTreasury collects, compiles and parses data sets from public data sources such as:

European Central Bank European Central Bank
Sveriges Riksbank Sveriges Riksbank

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Functional Capabilities

Holds data to allow time to audit, monitor, manage, and analyze it.

Calculate accrued interest.

The system collects data from all your foreign exchange derivatives transactions. It then automatically transforms trade data into the EMIR-compliant structure, that can be used to upload to a trade repository.

The required Foreign Exchange Module holds trade data to allow time to monitor, manage, and analyse it.

Inbuilt multi-currency support. You can easily manage transactions in other currencies.

Segregation of duties is one of the most important treasury controls. This is an essential tool in mitigating the risk of error or fraud. In ZenTreasury you can assign duties to fully meet your company’s requirements.