Coronaria is our new customer

Coronaria is our new customer

We are excited to announce that Coronaria has selected ZenTreasury to be their supplier of TMS and Lease Accounting Solutions. 

About COR Group 

Coronaria is part of COR Group. COR Group is a growth-oriented Finnish corporate group consisting of healthcare and wellness companies, established in 1988. Its operating philosophy is to acquire companies, look after them and help them grow and evolve. The group encourages and helps the companies to embrace innovation and creativity by offering them resources for developing their operations and building sustainable business. Overall, the group has a staff of around 3,600 healthcare and wellness professionals around Finland.  

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About ZenTreasury 

ZenTreasury Ltd is a FinTech and SaaS company located in Espoo, Finland. We provide a modern finance platform for treasury management and lease accounting. 

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