ZenTreasury announces the launch of A self-service SaaS solution that helps SMEs and Midcaps to manage lease agreements under IFRS-16.

Helsinki 10th of November 2020. ZenTreasury Oy is a fintech startup that provides cloud treasury and lease accounting software for enterprises.

"Now with we will be able to provide companies of all sizes with a cost affordable way to achieve IFRS 16 compliance", says Lars Nevalainen founder and CEO of ZenTreasury.

According to Ville Ojanen, ZenTreasury investor, and board member, the new lease accounting standard changed the way to account for leases for companies around the world. This system fits all kinds of companies from all industries. After this, there is no point in using excel spreadsheets anymore for lease accounting.

About is a self-service solution that comes with a 30-days free trial. The environment is automatically created when you register for a free trial. Core features include:

  • Multi-currency functionality that enables companies to manage leases in multiple currencies.
  • Reports for IFRS 16 calculations that have been validated by an international audit firm.
  • A fluid audit process that tracks all changes to transactions by time, date and user stamp.
  • Multi-user environment with segregation of duties.

"With the help of cloud computing, we are launching our first self service lease management software, compliant with IFRS 16 standard. Realising the technological advancement towards cloud services these days, we will be launching it with the help of docker and kubernetes. These are the new technologies in the IT world. The data will also be having backup on two of the leading cloud providers Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform", says Prakash Pokhrel, Lead Developer at ZenTreasury.

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