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Streamline, simplify and automate your lease operations. ZenTreasury IFRS 16 - Leases gives you an all-in one accounting and portfolio solution to help you achieve IFRS 16 compliance.

  • Features
    • Operating and Finance leases
    • Validated IFRS 16 calculations
    • For Equipment Leases
    • For Real Estate
    • Searchable Lease Register
    • Price changes
    • Term changes
    • Scope adjustments
    • Multi-currency

Manage your Foreign Exchange instruments throughout their entire life cycle.

  • Features
    • Spots, Forwards & Swaps
    • Attachments
    • Easy and powerful register
    • Accounting entries for every transaction
    • Currency rates
Foreign Exchange


Manage debt interest rate products such as intercompany loans, bonds, and money market loans and deposits such as commercial papers.

  • Features
    • Amortization Schedule
    • Attachments
    • Critical Date Alerts
    • Cost centers
    • Currencies
    • Fixed or floating interest rate
    • Money market investments
    • Instrument types
    • Payment schedule
    • Portfolios

Manage the execution of corporate and bank guarantees. Enhance guarantee risk management with real time monitoring dashboards .

  • Features
    • Easy and powerful register
    • Dynamic dashboard view
    • Drag and drop workflow board
    • Alerts of maturing instruments
    • Attachments
Trade Finance

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