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What is ZenTreasury?

ZenTreasury is a treasury management system (TMS) platform with finance and treasury related modules that allows businesses to manage their treasury operations.

  • Approval flows

    Set up approval flows that match your organization's hierarchy and decision-making processes.

    Popular Features
    Task Management Features
    Approval Sequence Customization
  • Cash Forecasting

    Group-wide cash forecasting to provide liquidity planning information and support funding operations.

    Popular Features
    Forecast periods
    Accounts Payables
    Accounts Receivables
  • Cash Management

    Integrate with Open Banking APIs and keep group-wide records of bank accounts, credit cards and other cash related items.

    Popular Features
    Bank Statements
    Cheque books
    Credit cards
  • Foreign Exchange

    Hedging of internal and external currency positions. Supported instruments include spots, forwards, swaps and FX quotes.

    Popular Features
    FX Swaps
  • Trade Finance

    Guarantees and letter of credits management. Features include flows, possible related loan and liability details.

    Popular Features
    Bank guarantees
    Corporate guarantees
    Letter of credits
  • Loans & Money Market

    Manage group’s internal and external loans and other interest rate products.

    Popular Features
    Fixed or floating interest rate
    Intercompany loans
    Amortization Schedule
  • Equities

    Equity register for assets like shares and mutual funds, including transaction information.

    Popular Features
    Listed and non-listed shares
    Stock and cash dividends
  • Lease Accounting Software

    Easy and powerful solution providing all that the IFRS 16 standard requires.

    Popular Features
    Changes during lease term
    Price, term and scope adjustments
  • Cryptocurrencies and token

    Manage fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat transactions, crypto loans and deposits.

    Popular Features
    Fiat-to-crypto transactions
    Crypto-to-fiat transactions
    Crypto loans and deposits
  • Property

    Property management register including location, size, ownership, loan related to the property and other features.

    Popular Features
    Property type
    Ownership details

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