Your corporate treasury in the Cloud

A treasury management system (TMS) isn't just for large companies anymore. With ZenTreasury TMS, you can run your treasury operations like a company twice your size.

EU data protection

Your data is protected under Finnish and European data protection laws.

Nothing to install

Your IT department benefits by not having to deploy, upgrade or maintain the system as we take care of this.


Your sensitive data is encrypted with AES-256 and the data exchanged is encrypted with SSL/TLS.

Upgrades automatically

We’re constantly improving with free updates that equip you with great new features.

Get started simply & securely

Getting started is quick and easy as there is nothing to install.
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We work to keep your information secure. Your sensitive data is encrypted by using AES encryption with 256 bit key size and CBC mode and the data exchanged with ZenTreasury TMS is encrypted with SSL/TLS. This is the same technology that banks use to keep your account information safe.

Benefits for your company

Treasury automation: ZenTreasury TMS saves time by automating time-consuming and error-prone tasks such as: consolidation of forecasts, calculation of accounting entries, re-keying of information and generation of reports.

Reductions in bank fees and transaction costs: with improved visibility and better understanding of your future cashflows you can optimize the cash held and this way bring costs savings in the form of reduced interest costs, bank fees and transactions costs.

Reduced IT costs: today the best TMS technology for companies looking to replace their semi automated and manual TMS solutions such as spreadsheets is a cloud-based (or SaaS) TMS. Compared to on-premise solutions or self-hosted solutions a cloud-based TMS comes at a lower cost and greater ROI.

Conclusion: the time and cost savings range from tens to hundreds of thousands depending on the size of your company. However, the true benefit is not the time and cost savings itself, but the value the additional productivity provides.

Features that will help you be more productive

Treasury accounting

Generating accounting entries is a valuable part of ZenTreasury TMS. You can easily generate your realized and unrealized accounting entries based on your own chart of accounts.


You can design and administer the forecasting templates to fully meet your own requirements. The forecasting unit, a subsidiary or department logs on and does the forecasting directly within the system.

FX and MM instruments

You can easily manage your foreign exchange instruments and debt interest rate products such as intercompany loans, bonds, and money market loans and deposits such as commercial papers throughout their entire life cycle.

Liquidity and cash management

Knowing exactly what cash you have and where, let's you be decisive in your decision-making and with ZenTreasury TMS you can achieve enterprise-wide visibility by combining bank balances and transaction flows with forecasts.

Segregation of duties

Segregation of duties is one of the most important treasury controls. This is an essential tool in mitigating the risk of error or fraud. In ZenTreasury TMS you can assign duties to fully meet your company’s requirements.

Audit trail

Our audit trail tracks all changes to your transactions during their life cycle. You can easily see who did what and when.

...and many more